Saturday Happy Hour — One Great Bottle: Bittermens Xocoltl Mole Bitters

A surprisingly useful bottle of unusual bitters.

One of the very first bottles of unusual bitters I picked up was a bottle of Bittermens Xocoltl Mole Bitters, a Mexican chocolate bitters with deep, rich notes of cocoa and cinnamon spice.

It’s still one of my favorites, and I end up reaching for it more often than you might think. It’s found in stirred, boozy, complex drinks like the Conference, the Left Hand, the Latin Quarter, and the little-known dark rum Negroni riff, A Light in the Attic.

In general, I find that the inclusion of Mole Bitters in any cocktail recipe is a promising sign. Also, the nifty dropper bottle helps add to the always-desirable impression that every cocktail is some sort of mysterious science experiment.

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