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I make large quantities of Glögg during the winter, which is slightly more complicated. I use Meathead’s recipe: https://amazingribs.com/tested-recipes/drink-recipes/saintly-swedish-glogg-recipe-hot-spiced-wine/

I have yet to try it with Akvavit instead of brandy, but I’ve begun to aklimate the family to the idea.

I also use Stella Parks’s toasted sugar as the sweetener, which gives it a rich caramel note: https://www.seriouseats.com/dry-toasted-sugar-granulated-caramel-recipe

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we have a wine advent calendar of 375mL bottles from Costco, they're gonna be ideal to mix/match or make a small batch of this

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Any advice on how long to simmer it ahead of your guests arriving?

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Oh yes. Perfect. I use the Shaw because, as I said, I have Cocktail Brain not Wine Brain -- but also because it’s low cost if it doesn’t get used.

However -- as a preview of what’s coming, I have also found some ways to use mulled wine that doesn’t get consumed on the night you make it.

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