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Hm. Maybe it’s because I didn’t have the right créme de cacao--and the bottle I did have was old, at that--or because my heavy cream was too heavy (the only cream still in stock was the fancy local stuff in a glass bottle), but I didn’t feel like this had a ton of taste, really. Maybe the color and the grated nutmeg led me to subconsciously expect something more like eggnog, and obviously it wasn’t eggnog?

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Had only heavy cream of these three, so tried a variant with bourbon and apricot liqueur filling in for brandy and crème de cacao, respectively. Should’ve increased the apricot and decreased the bourbon a little--not quite sweet enough--but overall good!

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Great drink.


On the bitters thing, Bitter Truth makes a chocolate bitters…Redundant? I dunno. Will experiment and report back.

And as a companion drink for the season, an identical cousin, if you will, Denning’s Distillery in Beacon, NY, distills a bourbon infused with just the right amount of coffee from the coffee roaster down the street from them. Seamless and utterly delicious.

I would do same ratio as you suggested.

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Misfire. Would one pair w/


salted caramel gelato, espresso, praline hazelnut vanilla cookies, amaretto

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