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Last cocktail before Lent - the salt and the Benedictine - chef’s kiss!

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Campari is mentioned quite frequently in this newsletter - no surprise there, it is in so many cocktails.

But may I suggest that the author and readers try to source Distilleria delle’Alpe, Rosen Bitter Rosa Alpina. It is ambrosia.

This is is an extraordinary replacement. No added colors - Campari has added color. No added sugar - Campari has added sugars. Rosen Bitter has no additives of any kind.

Made in the Veneto by a tiny distillery, it is identical in color and flavor profile but is just so pure and bright and light and lovely, one would be so happy to just sip it alone all day.

It is not as ubiquitous as Campari(yet is less expensive, go figger…)but not difficult to source in major urban areas on the East coast. One may have to make a few phone calls.

Imported by Uve Enterprise Inc. Dalla Terra. This is a wonderful importation company. Strictly Italian.

I’m new to this site and enjoy the writing and attitude and, of course, the Big Dogs


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Tell us about that glass!

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I made the no frills version and it is surprisingly good!

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Great drink & will def try the Bénédictine variant! (I make it with specs also including a little vodka, egg white for a silky head, and maraschino liqueur + orange bitters for added interest)

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